Forecasting your future with ease

Access MarketPro’s unique consumer spending data with just a click of a button. Forecast your future as you explore, interact and compare our granular dataset up to 2032 in over 180 countries.

Identify top market opportunities seamlessly

Utilize MarketPro’s real-time trend projections to analyze the market and develop your expansion strategies. Our data in developed and emerging economies will help you reach your next 1 billion customers.

Analyze, Strategize, Globalize

Adapt your corporate strategy with MarketPro’s intuitive data insights. Identify shifts and trends within your target customers and create detailed reports to support executive level decisions in short and long-term goals.

Optimize Ad spending
with data

Generate insights on MarketPro to identify and optimize reach of your Total Addressable Market (TAM). Empower data-driven decision making in Ad spending to achieve your maximum influence.

With our
state-of-the-art analytics tool, you can:

Increase understanding of current markets

data-driven emerging market entry strategies

Increase accuracy of current and future customer profiles

Maximize revenue through optimized sales and distribution

About World Data Lab

World Data Lab is a data enterprise building digital products based on social, economic, and geospatial data and modeling. We produce granular income and demographic forecasts for every country and any point in time. Our global network unifies experts from tech, economics, and statistics to bring you market insight. We help leading businesses, governments and international organizations embrace data-driven decision-making, refine their market strategy, measure impact, and realize key goals.